At Traditional TaeKwon-Do Sunrise we have so much to offer you or your family.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, reduce stress, gain mental focus, learn leadership or get all that for your family or children, we have a program for you. Martial Arts is not about learning to kick and punch. While learning to defend yourself is a big part of what TaeKwon-Do teaches. There is so much more involved. Our classes are taught in a fun and physically challenging way. While learning valuable life lessons, you are losing weight, getting fit, reducing stress and having tons of fun! We’ve got classes for beginners, adults, kids, men, women. Each class is tailored to your abilities.

You’ll also be learning the 5 tenets of TaeKwon-Do that can be applied to your training and your life.

Traditional Taekwon-Do Blackbelt Center of Sunrise
3437 N. Hiatus Road Sunrise, FL 33351

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